This Storage Unit is hiding an AMAZING Tiny Apartment

Photo Credit: Good HouseKeeping

Can you believe this storage unit is hiding an amazing tiny apartment? We couldn’t, but it’s totally true!

We don’t often think of a storage unit as a potential apartment space, but after reading this article, it’s clear that anything is possible – especially when you’re willing to put in the time, initiative, and elbow grease.

Located in Washington DC, this tiny apartment is only 350 square feet but it has everything you need for a cozy, comfy little home. The transformation from storage unit to apartment is nothing short of miraculous. What started out as a dusty, dimly-lit concrete locker built back in the 1890s is now a sweet, post-modern little home.

To make the transformation possible, first the owners had to clear out the old uneven concrete – a huge, heavy job! Then they had to lay new concrete floor, making sure it was even. The lovely brick walls were buried beneath layers of dust and debris, and so they had to be cleaned thoroughly before they were re-painted.

Skylights were cut into the ceiling, bringing in more light. Plumbing had to be connected in through the unit next door. And speaking of doors, they removed the old metal exterior doors and replaced them with a beautiful wooden one. The contrast between the wooden door and new brick façade from the outside is stunning!

Once the overall structure was completely renovated and new lighting was installed, it was time to add all of the details. The kitchen, for example, comes from IKEA, and the first ladder to the sleeping loft was recycled from a Barnes and Noble store. It was later replaced by a much sturdier one made by a local metalsmith.

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