This sweet log cabin has the PERFECT patio to enjoy your morning coffee

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Imagine getting up in the morning, and taking your hot mug of coffee out to the patio to take a look at the calming beauty of this quiet mountain farm located in Madison County North Carolina. The Meadow Branch Cottage at East Fork Farm is available for rent at the Airbnb site, and this lovely spot overlooks a small family farm hidden away in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This quaint and cozy cedar shake small cottage home is furnished with handmade pottery, local artisans crafts and homemade items. This is a lovely spot to experience the quiet serenity of the mountains on your private patio which has an all natural cedar heated outdoor mineral soaking tub. East Fork Farm is a working farm where they raise pastured poultry to include chicken, turkey and ducks, grass-fed sheep, rabbits, cows, pigs, and donkey. The cabin building is located on their farm in beautiful Madison County, where you can enjoy watching the sheep munch on grass, the chickens catching bugs, and scenic mountain views. The wood cabin is priced at $150 per night, with one bedroom with a king-sized bed. This wood cabin rental is not suitable for children under 12. You'll want to take a closer look at this lovely small cottage home at the Airbnb site.

There are plenty of reasons to live and stay in a wood cabin. Many people choose wood cabins as a green building and for off-grid living. With natural resources being depleted at a quick rate for human use, it is one of the leading to environmental problems and disturbing the natural ecological balance. So wood cabins are a good choice and the best option when it comes to the environment. Even if you were to buy timber and logs from a sustainability certified source, you have still reduced your carbon footprint by a huge amount when compared to using traditional building materials such as mortar, cement, and plaster. Building a cabin building sustainably is something that is, of upmost importance to a lot of people and is the right thing to do. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials there is, and if you buy from a sustainable source, more trees will be planted for each one that is harvested. Logs are a completely renewable resource, and once the wood cabin is no longer viable to restore, the wood has many more uses such as use for fuel or wood chips. The cabin building process typically uses much less energy than that of a conventional home build; wood cabins can also be built in a shorter time-span than the standard home design which helps to reduce your carbon footprint exponentially.

Wood cabins are energy-efficient and you can, therefore, expect a decrease in your utility bills. Logs used in wood cabins are natural insulators, and therefore you will have the benefit of staying warmer in the winter and keeping cooler in the summer, depending on the thickness and type of the logs that are used. You can build a wood cabin to be 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient than a conventional home design. The initial cost of logs is expensive when compared to bricks and mortar, but the benefit is that once the logs are in place, you are done, they form the interior and the exterior of your cabin building. Compare this to the laborious way of constructing the walls of standard home design, the bricks and mortar, insulation and plastering which comparatively will cost you more.

You will find this small cottage home rental on the Airbnb site. On the site, you will find other small cottage homes, cabin buildings, wood cabins and more. **

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