This TINY HOUSE is perfect for a guest house, inspiring office or for an AirBnB or rental space.

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Escape Tiny Houses builds some of the most beautiful tiny houses on wheels in the world. Their designs are incredibly well thought out, and they're always aiming to improve the designs. They have been building tiny houses for over 25 years in their own RVIA inspected factory. They hand build each and every one of the tiny houses too so each one is built to their high standards and quality control. One of the other things you'll notice about all of the tiny house designs from Escape is that they don't feel cramped, but nice and open because of all the great windows they add in. They also have their Canoe Bay Escape Village which is actually the first large-scale tiny home vacation village in the Midwest. It's located in northwest Wisconsin on a one hundred acres of beautiful land for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway. People can book a night or more in one of the tiny houses in the village, or they can also own their own tiny house in the village and financing options are available.

Also, if you'd like to own a tiny house and put it on your land, they will also deliver it right to you as they deliver anywhere in the US. Some of their homes even made it all the way out to the Hawaiian Islands. The units are also built to withstand some of the coldest temperatures and are insulated with closed cell foam that provides a 7.4 R-value per inch. They also give their customers the option of installing full-size appliances or smaller RV appliances. This particular tiny house design is called the Vista, and there are three different options to choose from in this category. There's the vista OC which starts at $29,800, the Vista which is $48,600 and the Vista Go which is $38,600. The Vista is 21 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 9.6 feet high. The Vista Go is smaller at 16 feet long with the same measurements as the regular Vista for the width and height. The Vista go is an RVIA Certified Travel Trailer. Inside, the Vista has 175 square feet of space, and the Vista Go has 136 square feet.

The weight is also important to know so that you know if you can tow the tiny house with your own vehicle. The Vista is 7,800 pounds, and the Vista Go is 6,000 pounds for Vista GO. Exact weight depends on options. Each of the Escape tiny houses on wheels are built on their custom steel trailer with 6000 pound tandem axles, electric brakes, radial tires, a break-away safety system, and levelling jacks. The exterior of this tiny house design is just beautiful too and would look great next to any home. They finished the exterior with pre-finished cedar siding and cedar trim with steel accents. There's also a 36-inch glass entry door which allows even more light into the home making it feel larger and brighter. Inside, the finishes are equally as beautiful as the exterior with pre-finished pine tongue and groove and pine trim. The install nice laminate flooring or customers can opt for oak hardwood. One of the nice things about this tiny house design is that it doesn't have a loft and the bed functions as both the living room seating and the bed.

They also manage to fit in a full kitchen with smaller appliances in it so it would be practical for everyday living.

This would be a great tiny house to use if you travel around for work a lot, or to park in your backyard to use as a quest house. The Vista can be financed for as low as $307 and the Vista Go for as little as $244.***

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