THIS Tiny Western Cottage may be modest in size, but the expansive views from the porch are anything but humble.

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If you like the idea of being surrounded by seclusion the tranquillity of nature while staying in a wood cabin, the Good Karma Cottage is just the place for you. This tiny house building retreat is located close to Quemado village in the Western New Mexico mountain country. The Good Karma Cottage can be reached by driving up a 700-foot driveway behind a gate. The tiny house building is surrounded by 17 acres of desert where you can all sorts of wildlife from red hawks, elk, and coyotes from the porch. You can also set up a telescope on the outdoor patio to look at the stars at night. The wood cabin has a nice kitchen that has a rustic country feel, it is outfitted with all the appliances you need, to include a fridge, propane cooktop and spacious sink. There is a separate bedroom with a sliding barn door that acts as a divider with the kitchen. The door can be pulled open for an airy feel, or it can be shut for privacy. On the roof of the wood cabin, there are a couple of solar panels. LED lights are used in the wood cabin to help conserve power. A solar water panel is set up to a circulator pump which allows you to heat water needed for cooking and washing dishes. You can keep yourself warm during the day and night with a propane heater. The wood cabin has an outhouse, storage shed, and a set of tools that are included with the wood cabin as well. Surprisingly you can even get cell service all the way at this remote location. This wood cabin is for sale priced at $74,900 which is an amazing deal considering you get a finished tiny house building and all the appliances, along with 17 acres of amazing wilderness.

There’s something special about staying in a wood cabin close to nature. Not only are you surrounded by amazing views, but you are also in the perfect place to take some time, relax and get in touch with nature and yourself. The benefits of staying in a wood cabin go beyond the great views. Staying in wood cabin is a good way to lessen your environmental impact. From the construction of a wood cabin to how the wood cabin stores and uses energy, a wood cabin is an eco friendly choice in more ways than one. Energy-Efficient on Power. Staying in a wood cabin can save on energy use and your power bills. The heat doesn’t pass through the logs in a wood cabin, and the wood cabin acts somewhat like a thermal battery to store the heat during the day and release the energy in the evening, which creates an energy efficient tiny house building.

Wood cabins are usually built with the surrounding nature in mind, set amongst great views and with consideration for the preservation of the local environment and habitat. When it comes to wood cabin building, you will often find trees that have been removed from the building site used to help construct either the whole wood cabin or parts of the cabin building or furniture for the wood cabin. The construction of a wood cabin has lower environmental impact when trees from the site are used, and the surrounding nature is taken into consideration. There are many environmental and personal benefits of staying in a wood cabin, whether it’s a getaway home or for long-term use.

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