Three Cheese Pasta Bake

Photo Credit: Lil' Luna

There are just some foods that make you feel so at home and comforted, and this Three Cheese Pasta Bake is definitely one of those things! We all have things that we consider comfort foods, and usually they tend to have a very creamy and cheesy consistency and a very rich and salty flavour. They remind us of things we would eat as a child perhaps, that our moms and dads would make for us with so much love, and we tend to feel so comforted having these things even as we grow older. There are things like this for everyone, foods that bring them back to a simpler time in life...

This Three Cheese Pasta Bake looks like an epic evolution of mac and cheese, way more packed with real cheese too and not all of that fake chemical powdered stuff! This has three different cheeses too and is baked in the oven until it becomes super melted and gooey. The perfect consistency for a nice big bowl of pasta and cheese. Its made with parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella, nice and creamy cheeses that are fairly light too, not as heavy as the processed orange american cheeses. This combination would go so well together too, and make for a really lovely flavour.

Then, of course there is the sauce, there must be a sauce! A nice creamy alfredo sauce is mixed into the pasta as well as some sour cream for some extra creaminess, so this is a super creamy and decadent pasta after all! The cheese is mixed with an egg before it is spread over the top of the casserole dish, and then it bakes, melding all of the flavours together, and baking the cheese just perfectly, so that its melted and nice and crispy and bubbly too. Try it out! Head over to 'Lil' Luna' by following the link in the section below for more!

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