Tiger Butter Fudge

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Here is one of the most easy dessert recipes, you will love this Tiger Butter Fudge recipe from Something Swanky. Who doesn't love to have tasty snacks to have around the house? Whether they are for a little midday treat or for an after dinner treat, dessert recipes are always welcome. With so many different flavours of fudge, it is fun to try new flavours that you have never tried before, like this Tiger Butter Fudge recipe that comes to us from the Something Swanky food blog. You can also make rocky road fudge, pistachio fudge,peanut butter and chocolate fudge, orange and chocolate fudge, caramel flavoured fudge, pumpkin pie flavoured fudge, cookies and cream fudge and so many other flavours and recipes. If, however, you don't feel like making your own fudge at home, you can usually find pre made fudge for sale in a grocery store. You will find it either in the bakery section or in the sam section as all of the other types of chocolate bars.

There are also the specialty shops which sell strictly fudge in their stores, and these shops usually will give you a little sample of the different kinds of fudge before you purchase your favourite kind. Stands that are set up at markets and fairs also sell specialty fudges that they make using their very own special recipes. Some of the stands will have over twenty different flavours at at time which is pretty impressive. When the fudge recipe was invented in the United States in the late 1800s, it used to cost only forty cents per pound, which would be a steal of a deal now, considering the prices of the ingredients it takes to make fudge. Fudge is made with milk, butter and sugar mostly, and then other flavours are added. Usually the more typical flavours of fudge are plain dark chocolate that has been sweetened.

This recipe for Tiger Butter fudge is made with dark chocolate and peanut butter, which makes it look like tiger's stripes. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is a classic and well loved flavour combo that so many people love, which could make this a new favourite fudge around your household. The recipe includes dark chocolate or semi sweet chocolate, peanut butter and white chocolate as well so you are getting a lot of great flavour in every bite. The way that the ingredients have been swirled to look like a tiger's stripes looks so fun and interesting, yet this is one of the easy dessert recipes you will enjoy making time and time again. You can even get the kids in on the action to make these tasty snacks. Baking is a great way for kids to learn about math, measurements, ingredients, time keeping and of course patience. Plus they will be so excited to try out their very own creation that they helped you make.

Thank you so much to Ashton from the Something Swanky food blog and website for this yummy looking Tiger Butter Fudge recipe. This recipe would be a hit at any gathering or function and you might even have people asking you for the recipe for it, so that they can make it at home themselves too. Check out more of Ashtons' great recipes on her website. She has a bunch of great recipes in her archives like bread recipes, breakfast recipes, dinner recipes, candy recipes, cake recipes, as well as healthier dessert recipes, and no bake recipes. Make sure you try out this yummy Tiger Butter Fudge and save it in your recipe collection so you can make it whenever you want it or need it.**

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