Tiny House Building Checklist

Photo Credit: The Tiny Life

So many people these days are looking for more practical and affordable ways to build a home, and tiny houses seem to be leading the revolution of affordable house building! If you are thinking about building your own tiny house, here is a Tiny House Building Checklist that you can have a look at before you get started, and to have with you to check things off of as you go along building your own little sweet abode! The list was made by someone building his own tiny house, and he decided to share the checklist with others so that they would maybe have an easier time of going through the building process! How nice!

Building a tiny house has just as many things to consider and to plan to do as building a normal conventional sized house does, just on a smaller scale of course. But if you want your house to be safe to live in and structurally sound, not to mention be able to pass building codes, you must be aware of the full spectrum of things you must do to build the tiny house of your dreams! Don't let the list freak you out, it seems very long, but is a great comprehensive list that will get you building a safe and well planned out home.

The key when building anything, is to work little by little, that is why the checklist is so important, because what can seem like a huge task, is made easier by reducing it into many smaller tasks that need to be done to produce the desired out come! As you check off the items on the list, you feel a sense of accomplishment, that keeps you motivated to do more and to keep going, working on the tiny house of your dreams! You will get there! Head over to 'The Tiny Life' by following the link in the section below for more!

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