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Regardless of the type of home, you might have, there are times when your space might not be large enough. THis is especially true when you have family come to visit, and you need a bit more space so that everyone feels comfortable. Historic home designs have plenty of character and charm but are often short on space. This is especially true when company comes to stay. One solution that many people like if it is within budget are to build a guest cottage behind the home. Historic Shed is a Brooksville-based outbuilding speciality company, which specializes in tiny cabin designs, small house designs and small house living. A tiny cabin design is a great way to get the space you need and add some character to your home. When guests aren't staying in your tiny cabin design, the guest cottage can be used as an office, artist studio or a place to get away from the rest of the house. Construction of a detached small house design is a less expensive alternative to building an addition to your home. Moreover, there isn't the construction inconvenience since of the work takes place in your back yard, without disturbing the main house. With a tiny cabin design, your guests will have privacy, and everyone can feel comfortable.

Historic Shed is a company that designs and builds outbuildings and small house designs for historic homes, from garages to simple garden sheds, to tiny cabin designs. The custom small house designs incorporate architectural design elements from existing historic homes and use traditional building materials and detailing. Many historic homeowners don’t want a vinyl shed or a stock metal building in their backyard, and in many cases, they are prohibited by local historic district home design guidelines. You will want to take a look at the site to see the wide range of small house designs and shed options to suit your lifestyle and needs. The company also get many calls from home owners of newer homes who just want an attractive backyard tiny building. Each Historic Shed outbuilding and small house design are constructed in a warehouse, then broken back down into individual walls and roof for delivery, and then reassembled on site. Installation typically takes between two to three days for tiny garden sheds and about two or more weeks for a more complex tiny cabin design such as a cottage design due to coordination with both the electrical and plumbing contractors.

If you have a reasonably sized home, and an even more reasonably sized accessory dwelling unit, you’ve likely got a pretty good living combination that also has some social benefits as well. You could have your mother, mother in law, best friend, or your grown kid, live with you. Having this kind of flexibility and informal support could really help as the nation’s population ages. Most people want to stay in their homes as they age, but home designs and finances can be problematic. A small house design and accessory dwelling unit could help aging people meet their needs without having to move. In many regions you can get legal rental income from a permitted accessory dwelling unit or tiny cabin design, or, if you want, you can live in the accessory dwelling unit and rent out the other dwelling. That should add a lot of flexibility to finances.

This is just one of the small house designs you will find on the Historic Shed site. On the site, you will find all sorts of tiny cabin designs, small house living, cottage and home offices, garage apartments, small storage, sheds and so much more. **

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