Tiramisu Cookie Cups

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This Tiramisu Cookie Cups recipe is done to perfection with tiramisu filling that is made with cream cheese! Did you know that Mascarpone cheese can be replaced with cream cheese to get a perfect tiramisu flavor? These sugar cookie cups are baked until lightly golden and they puff up in a cupcake pan leaving space for the creamiest tiramisu filling which is flavored with freshly brewed coffee of course. You can add a bit of Kahlua to it if you wish to achieve the traditional tiramisu flavor. If you would like to keep it alcohol-free, you could just exclude the Kahlua altogether. Whatever you want to do, this easy Tiramisu recipe could be your new favorite because they taste that much delectable. There are so many wonderful ways to create fun desserts, and if you love cookie cups, then this easy Tiramisu recipe can be really interesting to create.

Tiramisu dessert can have a magical effect on cheese lovers. If you wish to use mascarpone cheese for this recipe, you can do that by all means. Mascarpone cheese tends to get softer if you beat it too much and doesn’t firm up as desired even if refrigerated. It’s important to keep that in mind if you do plan to use mascarpone cheese to fill the cookie cups. It's not always budget-friendly to buy mascarpone cheese and sometimes you've got to find a similar alternative that works just fine. As a frugal option, you can make your mascarpone cheese at home by combining 8 ounces of full-fat cream cheese with 1/4 cup of heavy cream and two tablespoons of full-fat sour cream. Just make sure that the cream cheese is not stone cold. Allow it to sit at room temperature first. Remember this is just a substitute and the taste may vary slightly compared to the real mascarpone cheese. Although it does taste a lot like mascarpone and will not affect the final taste of your dish.

Nutrition Facts for: Tiramisu Cookie Cups from Crazy For Crust

Ingredients: Unsalted butter, granulated sugar, egg, vanilla extract, almond extract, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt, flour, creamcheese, powdered sugar, cold brewed coffee, cool whip.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 24 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving:Calories 177, Calories from Fat 91, Total Fat 10.1g 16%, Saturated Fat 6.8g 34%, Cholesterol 27mg 9%, Sodium 149mg 6%, Potassium 34mg 1%, Carbohydrates 20.0g 7%, Dietary Fiber 0.3g 1%, Sugars 11.8g, Protein 1.9g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 1%, Iron 3%

If you wish to make this recipe easier, you can use a store-bought cookie dough to make the cookie cups or simply buy the readymade cookie cups. You can store these tiramisu beauties in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, and the cookie cups can be frozen for up to one month before filling. In the place of ‘Cool Whip,’ you can use organic heavy whipping cream with cane sugar for a healthy option. For extra firmness, add a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding to the whipping cream. Adding instant vanilla pudding prevents the watery texture in the recipe. You can even try using condensed milk with organic whipping cream as another variation for 'Cool Whip'.Thank you to Dorothy at the ‘Crazy For Crust' food blog for sharing this easy Tiramisu Cookie Cups recipe with us. Do visit Dorothy's blog for more ideas to make fun desserts and other amazing dessert recipes. This easy tiramisu recipe is a sumptuous surprise everyone will enjoy. Make this delicious recipe for your loved ones today!

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