To declutter any room, ask these two questions

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Do you ever feel like you have too much stuff? If so, it's probably time to do some organizing and decluttering. Organizing is a great way to put everything in order so that you know where your items are and to make your house feel cleaner too. While organizing can be a great way to make some sense out of the items you do have, you'll still have the same amount of stuff, and it can still feel pretty cluttered at times. That's why doing some decluttering is a great idea to help you open up some space in your home, so it feels not only more organized but more spacious and light. It can be easy to accumulate items over the years especially in our consumerist culture. Advertisements are so good at making us feel like we really need that new item and stores putting on sales make those items even more irresistible. But owning more belongings never leads to true happiness, and the clutter can become overwhelming at times too. So it's important to take stock of the items we own and if we really need them so we can open up space in our lives for other things.

If you're just starting out on your decluttering venture, be sure you take it easy on yourself and take your time. Especially if you're going through old items that may have sentimental value attached to them. Decluttering does take some time, but it also takes a lot of emotional energy too, so make sure you ask for help when you need it. There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to make the decluttering process a lot easier. These questions come from the Becoming Minimalist website which is an awesome source for anyone who wants to become a minimalist or people who just want open up some space in their home. A minimalist is someone who lives with only the most essential items that they use on a regular basis and selective items that have sentimental value to them. So these are some simple life hacks to help make decluttering and organizing easier. So the first question you can ask as you're holding each item you are sorting is "Do I need this?". This isn't just talking about survival needs, but what brings you joy to help you live your fullest life.

The second question they suggest asking yourself is "Why do I have this?". You might be surprised by some of the answers that come up. So if you have a pair of jeans you no longer wear, you might find that the answer is tied to nostalgia rather than practicality. Items you have in your living room, you might just have around because you thought it was trendy, but you don't actually love it. So this is a good question to ask to get clear on the reasons you own the things you own. Sometimes we just buy little things here and there to fill up space, or we buy the item that was on sale rather than the item we really wanted. So these are also great questions to ask ourselves when we're out shopping. Ask yourself at the store "Do I need this?" and "Why do I have to have this?" or even "What will I do with this?". These are all practical ways to start decluttering and to prevent more clutter from coming into your home. Another great question to ask is, "Does this item bring me joy?" since everything we surround ourselves with should bring us some sense of joy. So try these questions out when you're going room to room decluttering and organizing, and hopefully, it'll make your process much easier.***

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