Toasted Coconut Cookie Dough Bites

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Whenever you need to throw a quick sweet treat together, this toasted coconut cookie dough bites recipe is a perfect choice, because it takes moments to assemble. This chocolate chip cookie dough recipe includes all the flavors you would expect of cookie dough, including chocolate chips, butter, and brown sugar, but also has the bonus of crunchy toffee bits and toasted coconut. The toffee adds a pleasant texture to the bites recipe while the coconut is sweet and nutty. Simple dessert recipes like this are helpful to have on hand, and you won’t believe how delicious this cookie ball recipe can be with just ten ingredients and a small amount of time to prepare them.

In the case of this easy and delicious dessert, it is crucial to work with the best quality ingredients possible, because the bites aren’t baked. When baking, always make sure to use pure vanilla extract, rather than artificial, because the taste will be much cleaner and richer than the artificial variety. You might find pure vanilla to be too expensive, but it is necessary to making this cookie dough recipe the best it can be. Christy, the author of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’ recipe blog, even decides to toast the coconut that the balls get rolled in, because it looks even prettier, but also deepens the coconut taste. Another step you may want to take to make this coconut ball recipe even better would be to toast the flour in the oven. By toasting the flour in the oven, you will be giving it a golden color, as well as removing the starchy taste from your finished product. Browning flour in the oven will coax out the flavor and turn whatever you are using it in into something much more complex and delicious.

Since the no-bake cookie recipe produces small morsels, you can easily control your portion sizes if you are trying to reduce your dessert intake. Of course, you may be thinking that the shredded coconut has a high number of calories and sugar which you don’t want to be consuming, especially since this cookie dough bites recipe uses three cups. The coconut calories for three cups worth of coconut would be one thousand two hundred calories, but that goes into making several cookie dough balls, which you can control your consumption of. Besides that, coconut flakes nutrition for one-quarter cup includes around two percent of your daily-recommended intake of potassium, eight percent dietary fiber, and two percent of iron. Even though coconut has a high caloric content, it should be noted that coconut can be a healthful treat in small quantities, like this dessert bites recipe.

The best thing about this chocolate coconut cookie recipe is that it is easy and delicious, but it is also incredibly versatile. Rather than using semisweet chocolate, you could opt for any chocolate you prefer, like dark chocolate or even cocoa nibs, as long as they are a similar size to the miniature chips. Thank you to Christy, the author of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’, for sharing her toasted coconut cookie dough bites recipe with us.

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