Toasted Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

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This Toasted Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting Recipe might just be one of the best recipes with marshmallows you've ever tasted. The toasted mini marshmallows are irresistible in this frosting recipe idea. Marshmallow recipe ideas are so fun, and this toasted marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe takes buttercream recipes to a whole new level. The toasted marshmallows mixed right into the buttercream recipe give a yummy flavor and marshmallow texture. This is the perfect frosting recipe to use for cake fillings and cupcake frostings. For this marshmallow recipe ideas, you will want to make sure that the butter is at cold room temperature before you start. You don't want the butter to be melted or too cold. If the butter is melted, the buttercream icing recipe won't turn out. The better the quality of the butter that is used in this marshmallow recipe ideas, the better the frosting recipe will be. You also want to be sure and sift your powdered sugar so there won't be any lumps in the frosting recipe.

Frosting recipe ideas like butter cream, butter icing, and mock cream icing are frosting recipes or fillings that are used in cakes, as a decoration, and as a yummy coating. Buttercream frosting recipes are in its simplest form an icing recipe that is made by creaming together butter with sifted powdered sugar. Other fats can be used for this icing recipe such as margarine or lard. Colorings and flavorings can also be added to the recipe to include chocolate, fruit purees, and a variety of extracts. Buttercream icing is a popular topping for cupcake recipes, sponge cakes, butter cake recipes, and other dessert recipes. Whether buttercream frosting recipes or frosting recipes use no butter or a butter equivalent and can still be called buttercream is debated among pastry chefs, bakers, and cake decorators. For a true buttercream frosting recipe, it seems only fair that real butter is used for the recipe.

The use of marshmallows recipe ideas dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. At that time, marshmallow recipe ideas would call for extracting sap from the marshmallow plant and then mixing it with nuts and honey. Other recipes with marshmallows used the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the marshmallow sap. For recipes with marshmallows the stem of the marshmallow plant would be peeled back to reveal a soft and spongy pith; that was then boiled into a sugary syrup and then dried to produce a soft, marshmallow recipe ideas. In ancient Rome, you could find the gladiators using the marshmallow plant's sap. They would use the sap to rub on their bodies in preparation for fights.

Thank you to Shelly at the "Cookies and Cups" recipe site for sharing this marshmallow recipe ideas for toasted marshmallow buttercream frosting. This is just one of the frosting recipe ideas you will find on her yummy recipe site. She started this recipe site a few years ago as a way to justify her sugary, buttery obsession with dessert recipes. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include cookie recipes, cupcake recipes, cake recipes, fun sweet recipes, main dish recipes, marshmallow recipe ideas and more. Some examples of cupcake recipes you will find on the site include almond cupcake recipe, marshmallow recipe ideas, whoopie pie cupcake recipe, pumpkin butter frosting recipe, and more. **

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