Toasted Marshmallow Cream Pie

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Can it get more fun than with this recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Cream Pie? This pie brings back all the memories of camping with the family and toasting marshmallows over open fires. My older brothers were expert marshmallow cooks, toasting their marshmallows to perfection every time, golden and liquid delights that I could never achieve. They could even do it when they made two at a time, and when they made one for me; it was a delight to eat something so well prepared, and not the krispy critters that I always seemed to produce.

This recipe gets lots of help from frozen whipped cream and pre-made pie crust. That makes the whole job go much more quickly and easily. Let the little helpers count the marshmallows—they will steal a few, but put it up to payment for the task of addition. The pie filling is a combination of marshmallows, whipped cream and cream cheese, so the filling will be light, frothy and fabulous. Every one will line up for this one. The recipe also recommends that you lightly torch the top of the pie to make it light, brown and golden—just like my brother’s marshmallows always were. You can use a special torch made just for this process or you can simply pop it under the broiler. Either way, watch closely, because the filling can scorch quite easily. Although, as I remember, I ate the burnt marshmallows with pretty much the same gusto as the pretty brown ones.

Make this pie for a special night when every one is home. You will all enjoy reminiscing about your own marshmallow stories, and adding a new one tonight. Enjoy this pie soon, won’t you?

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