Todays Recipe: Pistachio Melon Cake

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Today’s Recipe: Pistachio Melon Cake uses some unusual ingredients that make it an adventure to try out on your family tonight. This recipe combines fresh melons and coconut milk (actually, the cream) to make an interesting layer of pretty colors and sweet refreshing flavors that your family will love.

The health benefits of coconut are a relatively new understanding. We now know that when coconut, consumed in moderation and without added sugar, can be a valuable addition to our diet. Coconuts come from the far south, and every part of the nut, technically classified as a drupe, can be used. Its versatility is quite astonishing.

The outer hair can make rope and other products, the shell can be shaped into use for dishes, and of course, the milk and harder flesh can be eaten. Coconut is so rich in good fats that it can actually be used as a butter. In fact, if you have never experienced raw, organic coconut oil, try some to see what extraordinary benefits it has. You can eat it, rub it on your skin and hair, use it for massage, and many other things.

This recipe uses the richest part of the coconut milk, the cream. The recipe lightly sweetens the milk, which makes it fabulously delicious, and then whips it to make it light and creamy. Pistachios, a perfect complement to coconut, are also part of the recipe.Pistachios are not often part of a cake recipe, but when they are, they add a lovely flavor twist. They are expensive, but it does not take a lot of them to add a real flavor punch. Try them in your next poppy seed cake, just by grinding as little as one quarter of a cup in to the recipe and sprinkling another chopped one quarter cup on top with the icing. It is another twist on a classic.

This recipe makes a beautiful cake that is almost a cheesecake in its density. It requires lengthy refrigeration—at least overnight—to allow everything to firm up. But it is a great way to get kids to eat melon. Try it tonight!Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Growing Jane, by following the link below.

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