Toffee Banana Bread

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Yowsers! Somebody get our baker, Amy in the Kitchen, out of the kitchen because her Toffee Banana Bread is just so good it’s bad! Bad because you will find yourself sneaking in to the kitchen for a little bit here and then a little bit there and by the end of the day the whole thing will be gone. And when your family comes home and sniffs the air filled with toffee and banana they will know exactly what you have done. And then what will you do?

I had a friend who was notorious for doing precisely that. She would say she was going to “just have a little piece” of something she had made. By the end of the day, whatever she had made—she was a very good baker—was almost always half eaten. She was a consummate work out person so she stayed slim and beautiful, but that habit cost her hours on the treadmill. We all would laugh and tease her whenever we saw her running or speed walking that she must’ve been baking the day before.

This cake is delicious because of the generous amount of bananas, but also because of the surprise complement of toffee bits. The blend of a caramel or brown sugar flavor against banana is not that common, and it is particularly good. Try this recipe yourself and see if you don’t agree. Don’t become like my friend, though, and eat it all before the family gets home! Make this recipe late in the day and buy extra toffee to munch on and save the toffee banana bread for the family! You can easily make this bread in under 30 minutes and be pulling it out of the oven, warm, to serve with plenty of butter to your family tonight.

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