Toffee Cheesecake Bars

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Check out the photos for this recipe for Toffee Cheesecake Bars, and you see just how pretty these bars look when they are put together. They are made easy by a number of commercial elements that are used in the bake, so new and aspiring bakers may want to try this recipe for themselves. Let them. With just a bit of oversight, they can make a fine treat for every one for dinner tonight.

This recipe starts with a nice base that is made from a pre-packaged cookie recipe, so you can be sure of good results here. That base is topped with a mixture that includes cream cheese. You know it will be tangy, creamy and delicious. It is also easy to blend together, as long as you make sure that the cream cheese is at room temperature when you begin. It is much easier to blend other ingredients in to the cream cheese when it is slightly warm than when it is a hard and cold brick. The topping is fun, too. If little helpers are sprinkling the topping for you, keep watch! You want to be sure enough of the topping gets on the bars rather than in to hungry little mouths. But it is a great task for them to do, and they will happily do it (for small payment in kind).

This is an easy recipe that you can pull together any time, and that every one will love. The light crunch of the cookie base against the creaminess of the middle and chewy toffee topping will have every one lined up for seconds (and thirds and fourths . . . well, you get the picture: make a double pan). Enjoy this pretty snack soon!

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