Tomato Pie

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Make this tomato pie with the freshest tomatoes you can find. If you grow them in your back yard, even though Roma tomatoes are recommended, use whatever you grow. The reason the website recipe recommends Romas is not only for their great taste, but also because they have more flesh, fewer seeds and less water in them than, say, Beefsteak tomato varieties. But nothing compares to the tomatoes in your back yard, no matter what variety you might grow, so if you have them, use fresh tomatoes in this recipe.

The flavor of fresh tomatoes is shockingly different from canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes are great, but when you want to showcase a flavor as this recipe does with tomatoes, only fresh will do. And then, you want the freshest you can find. So make this pie in the height of summer when, if not in your back yard, you can find tomatoes at the local farmer’s market, or at your favorite U-pick. (Or a neighbor; it’s always surprising how many people keep small gardens loaded with produce). This pie will be fabulous smothered in the different cheeses that make it up, and the fresh basil (easy to grow year round in almost any window of the house—always grow it yourself, and the smell in your house will be fabulous year round) that is part of this recipe will perfectly complement the tomatoes.

This is a yummy pie, loaded with tomatoes, cheeses and basil. Make it as fresh as you can so the flavors really pop. If you do, small pieces will easily satisfy, so this pie could serve a crowd. Enjoy it when the summer sun shines hot and high.

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