Tomato Soup Cake with Boiled Caramel Frosting

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This recipe for Tomato Soup Cake with Boiled Caramel Frosting is an old one that probably goes back to about the Second World War when canned foods were available and homemakers had to find whatever they could to replace rationed sugar and flour to make something delicious on the home front. It can be surprising how much flavor tomato soup brings to a cake, but remember, tomatoes are a fruit, and for all their tang, still have plenty of sugar. Combined with nutmeg and cinnamon, this cake is a lovely all purpose sweet treat that can be used for tea time, dinner, when friends drop by, or any time you want something sweet to eat. A tomato cake is a great cake to make for any occasion.

The icing is boiled, again a longstanding way to make great frosting for cakes (Oh—and cookies. This frosting would also be fabulous on a cinnamon cookie or vanilla cookie.). The boiling will make a smooth and creamy topping that will sugar up on the edges, somewhat like fudge. Against the nutmeg and cinnamon, the boiled brown sugar and butter will be fabulous. This is a lovely handmade recipe for tomato cake and boiled caramel frosting that you should try soon. Your family will undoubtedly love it, and ask for it time and again.

This website offers plenty of great recipes and interesting links you can discover and explore when you have time. One link, labeled decadence!, should not be missed. Others include brown butter potatoes, healthy salad dressings and Gracie’s grilled cheese rollups. Anything like this that gets its own link deserves to be checked out. Then, make this cake and frosting. It is fantastic.

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