Top 10 Soups from Grandmothers Kitchen

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Whether the spring flowers are beginning to push through or your grounds are still covered in snow, you can never have too many of Grandmother's soup recipe in your back pocket for a rainy day. ;)

Whenever we would visit my Grandmother, she would welcome us in with a large pot of soup. Usually Borscht or potato soup. As for late, my Aunty has been sending us home with cute little jars of vegetable soup wrapped in a cloth towel to stay warm so we have something to eat on our 4 hour car ride home. Yes, ours, is a family of soups.

We put together an extensive list of soups recipes from Grandmother's Kitchen website. Grandmother's Kitchen is a subscription based website with over 5000 recipes at your fingertips when you are a member. Soups are comfort foods on cold days and are loaded with nutritious vegetables. You will love the creamy broth in the cream based soups. Some are hearty enough that they would make a perfect mid-week meal.

They are quick to prepare and often highly nutritious. To bulk up your soup, serve with a warm dinner roll and a fresh green salad. How about the interesting soups like French Onion Soup with a twist! There is also the classic tomato soup that is delicious and healthy!

Many soups can be made in about 30 minutes making it a nice time saving meal that you can make one day and serve for several days following. I LOVE this about soups!

It smells delicious and is great on those days when you want something simple and comforting.This wonton soup is easy to make and a perfect choice for a fun family meal.Easy to Make Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.

So check out some soup ideas and inspiration at the Grandmother's Kitchen website.

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