Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Around springtime, we all feel the pull to give our homes a good, deep clean. There's something so refreshing about getting rid of all the dust and dirt that's accumulated over the winter season when you usually spend more time indoors. Even if you clean your home regularly, it's always good to give it a deep clean once or twice per year or at the start of each season. How Stuff Works shares some great cleaning tips with us for how to make spring cleaning a breeze. First thing's first, you want to start out by making a plan to clean your home. Deep cleaning your entire house can seem like a daunting task no matter the size of your home. So making a plan and a strategy will really help you out. You can begin by listing all of the rooms in your home including the laundry room, garage and your storage closets. You'll also want to add certain things to the list like cleaning your walls, light fixtures, baseboards, blinds and windows. Make the list as you think about your entire house or apartment, and you can even walk through each room and make a list per room. You can even find cleaning lists online that you can print off and use for your spring clean.

Then, you'll want to plan out the tasks you have at hand over a period of time. You might be able to get a lot done within a weekend, but you can also spread tasks out over the course of a few weekends or days and share cleaning tasks with other family members or housemates. Next, make sure that you have all of your cleaning supplies for your cleaning tasks. If you're making an effort to have fewer toxins in your home, then you can start making your own natural cleaners or buying them from the store. Basic natural cleaners include baking soda, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Also, check out your cleaning tools like scrubbing pads, brushes and mops and see if they need to be replaced. Also, you might want to stock up on some new cleaning cloths or make some out of old t-shirts you have laying around. Making a bucket or a tote of all your cleaners and cleaning tools also really helps you get the job done easily. You can even use the bucket to hold your floor or dusting water.

One of the other great cleaning tips they mention is to declutter your home in the Spring. Do this before you start cleaning your home too. Go through all of your items in each room of the home and decide whether it serves a purpose in your life or not. If not, you can get rid of it. Decluttering will not only make your space feel cleaner, but it will also feel larger too. Check items in your fridge and pantry too while you're getting rid of old stuff and look at the expiration dates on containers and bottles. Throw away anything that is past its expiry date. This is especially important with medications too. Once you're actually ready to clean a room in your home, the best cleaning tips tell us to work from the top of the room down. This way all of the dust will fall down to the ground, and it will be ready to vacuum up. These cleaning tips should really help you when it comes to deep cleaning your home. You don't have to save it for spring either; you can use these cleaning tips any time of year. So make sure you check all of them out.***

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