Top 3 Secrets for Cleaning with Vinegar

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Some of the best natural cleaners could be hiding out right in your very own kitchen. One of those fabulous natural cleaners is vinegar. Here are the Top 3 Secrets for Cleaning with Vinegar from Carrie at Making Lemonade. When the school Carrie worked at said they were going to start using vinegar to clean the floors in the cafeteria, she had her reservations. She didn't think that vinegar could clean all of the germs quite like chemical cleaners could. But as she did some more research on the benefits of vinegar she became more privy to using vinegar as a natural cleaning solution. Vinegar is a great chemical free option for people who don't want to use bleach or other harsh chemicals. The chemicals in cleaners are quite harsh and many people have sensitivities to them, whereas vinegar is very natural and neutral so it is very unlikely that it would cause any negative effects.

White vinegar is a very common household product that is kept around for cooking and making salad dressings, and it can also be used to make pickles and other pickled foods. But the other great thing is that vinegar is a great disinfectant. It is like a natural version of bleach. Even though you may think that vinegar would leave a strong odour after using it, it quickly evaporates into the air and it also helps to neutralize odours in your home. So if you have a stinky garbage can, vinegar would be the best thing to take away the smell. Carrie was so excited about finding out about the amazing effects of vinegar that she wanted to try a few different things out. The vinegar that she used was Heinz Cleaning Vinegar which would can find with the regular vinegar, but it is a little bit more acidic than the edible form. One thing that Carrie tried was cleaning her tile grout with vinegar and baking soda, which is also one of the best natural cleaners.

The baking soda is activated by the vinegar when the vinegar is sprayed onto it and the reaction creates a bubbling that helps to lift stains and dirt. When you see the amazing results of Carrie's grout experiment you will be shocked at how clean the grout comes out after using the baking soda and vinegar. It looks great. She also tried the baking soda and vinegar mixture in her stainless steel sink and the results were also incredible.

The mixture works like a powder cleanser like Comet to scrape off any food and debris and leave the sink looking nice and shiny. When it comes to natural house cleaners these two items definitely take the cake. You can make your very own natural cleaners and even add in some essential oils like lemon or orange, for that nice, citrus scent that smells so fresh. So thank you Carrie for sharing your awesome cleaning secrets using the best natural cleaners. Check out her blog Making Lemonade for more great cleaning tips and tricks.*

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