Top Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

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This recipe helps you to prepare a meal to knock your socks off, complete with two types of meat in this Top Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. But it is still easy and quick to pull together with the pre-packaged ingredients that are part of the recipe. Although this recipe uses an oven, it is just so easy that a first time cook could try his or her hand at it, with perhaps some help with the oven work. This casserole will also be ready in less than one hour, so it is the perfect dinner choice on busy nights when the family is coming or going quickly and often (which is most of the time!).

This meal takes advantage of pre-cooked meat to help things come together more easily. This option is such a great one to have available when dinner time is tight. Most grocery stores now carry a broad array of fully cooked roasts, ham, and chicken, among other options, for you to choose from. They are more expensive, that is true, but sometimes time demands this choice.

Cordon bleu originated in the 1940s as a recipe of meat, usually ham, but sometimes veal, wrapped around a piece of cheese and then deep fried, or at least fried. As with many dishes, this one has evolved to include mushrooms and other ingredients as the cook decided to add them. It is still customary to pound the meat to ensure that it is vey thin and cooks tender. Cordon bleu remains a popular dish, and every one in your family will enjoy this new twist on an old classic. Try it soon. It is easy enough that you will come to make it often for your family. Enjoy.

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