Trainwreck Teriyaki Burgers

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We have here a recipe only for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty - clean eaters need not apply. Introducing trainwreck teriyaki burgers: a burger stacked so high with deliciousness that it might just be the sloppiest burger you will have for a long while.

Courtney is the creator of this recipe, and the author of ‘NeighborFood’, a blog with a plethora of recipes. You can here on this blog meal ideas according to season, according to your cravings, and even special diets. Courtney is a strong believer in using fresh fruits and veggies, so you know that her recipes are healthy and unique.

What is particularly striking about this recipe is its amazing combination of ingredients that are wildly different yet compliment each other. For example, you will be using teriyaki green beans, garlic, french fried onions, and more - the ground beef is really the only commonly used burger ingredient. You will have to cook the teriyaki beans first, and while it is cooking, make and cook the patties. Finally, assembly the whole thing between two pieces of bread, and serve. We all know that the messier the burger the better, so don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty.

Since the unique ingredient in this recipe is teriyaki beans and sauce, I will tell you a little bit about ‘teriyaki’. It is not a name for a sauce, but rather a traditional method of cooking used in Japanese cuisine. However the sauce, which is composed of soy sauce, miring, and sugar, is almost universally applied to the meal during the teriyaki style of cooking, and hence is often called teriyaki sauce. In North America on the other hand, whether a dish is called teriyaki depends on whether teriyaki sauce was used. This North American burger is then rightly called a teriyaki burger, because it uses teriyaki sauce for the beans and for the beans.

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