Triple Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Bombs

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Try this Triple Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Bombs recipe, and enjoy some caramel and oatmeal cookies with your family when they come home tonight. Oatmeal cookie recipes have been around for a long time, and new twists include ingredients such as the ones found in this caramel and oatmeal recipe. Caramel and oatmeal are a great pairing. The triple part of this Triple Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Bombs recipe is a bit hard to spot. It is the combination of using pre-flavored maple oatmeal, real caramels (well, as real as commercial caramels can get) and blending butter and brown sugar together as part of the oatmeal cookie recipe. This recipe also uses a cake recipe as part of its ingredients, so expect a cookie and cake consistency; that is, a higher rise and rather more cake like cookie than if it were a straight oatmeal cookie with caramels added in.

This oatmeal cookie recipe can be made with the kids. It is quite simple to put together, although there might be enough ingredients that you want to pull everything out of the cupboards and fridge and set up a mise en place approach to the baking. In mise en place, a French expression and practice, all of the ingredients that are planned for any dish, are set out in the order in which they are to be used. That way, the baker knows he or she has all the ingredients and then will not likely miss an ingredient when putting the oatmeal cookie recipe together. It is a great way to ensure that you get the recipe right, especially if it is a new one for you, or if you tend to get distracted when you bake (as many parents with kids running in and out of the kitchen are likely wont to do). So try this practice, and see if it works well for you.

The little ones might be able to help with squishing the caramel that goes in the middle of the cookies, and you know they will just be dying to help out. The cookies are generous enough in size that little hands should be able to handle them, and with a bit of help from the head baker, get that caramel covered up and in the middle of the cookie where it is intended to go.

This recipe is a pretty good one, even though it has plenty of sugar. There is oatmeal in the mixture, which provides an excellent source of fiber, fiber that many of us miss from our daily food plans. As well, oatmeal helps to slow the absorption of sugars in to the blood stream, great for this recipe. Enjoy making and baking these cookies!

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