Triple Chocolate Baked Donuts

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These are a great recipe for Triple Chocolate Baked Donuts because they are not fried, but instead are made using a donut pan. If you do not yet have one, they are well worth purchasing. You can make regular cakes and simply put them in the donut pan where they bake up and look and feel just like a lovely donut. Kids will love them, and so will you when you see how much every one enjoys this variation for dessert.

This recipe is chock full of chocolate. It is a good thing that we can rationalize our chocolate consumption with the knowledge that chocolate—at least 70 percent cocoa—contain loads of unique phenolic compounds that contribute to our good health. Of course, you could argue that chocolate is a great food just for how good it makes you feel when you eat it . . . and that is good enough reason to make this triple chocolate donut recipe today!

This recipe comes together very easily. You simply blend the ingredients and pop them in the oven, according to the recipe directions on the web site. The directions are clear and easy and plenty of photos can help you ensure that you are doing the right things along the way. When the donuts are done, out they come and that is when the fun begins. Two more layers of chocolate get drizzled and sprinkled on top of the already chocolate donuts. This recipe is a finger licking good dessert. Your family will have plenty of fun eating this one tonight. Serve with extra chocolate chips—just for the fun of it—and because the little ones will die for joy if you do. Enjoy!

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