Triple Chocolate Banana Zucchini Cake

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Bite in to a rich three kinds of chocolate Triple Chocolate Banana Zucchini Cake and enjoy the moist and wonderful flavor of these chocolates in one cake. The zucchini adds plenty of extra moistness. Check out the website just to see how pretty this cake can be. Try to create the design on the top of the cake when you want something super special to make for dinner or for very special guests. You can practice the design on waxed paper first, using the different chocolates separately so you can reuse them when you finally ice the cake. The trick is to be patient with yourself as you attempt to draw the lines across the cake. Some people actually draw the design on the cake with light knife lines. You can try this method, too, if it works for you.

This is a lovely chocolate cake where the zucchini will add plenty of great texture and lots of extra moistness. One of the challenges with chocolate cakes is that they can become dry rather quickly, especially when there is so much chocolate in the mixture. Here, zucchini takes care of that issue, and the vegetable does not add any flavor to the cake. It is a very mild vegetable. It does actually bump up the food value and nutrition in the cake, especially since you do not peel the zucchini before adding it. So this vegetable provides fiber, vitamins and minerals to this dessert.

This cake is pretty quick and easy to make. The coup de grace for this cake lies in the icing, which is carefully laid out in a stunning design on top of the cake. It is not difficult to do, and when you want to make a real statement, make this cake.

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