Triple Chocolate Jack Daniels Cupcakes

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This Triple Chocolate Jack Daniels Cupcakes recipe is a great blend of yummy chocolate and wicked liquor that will be appreciated by everyone that you serve them to when you make them. And this Triple Chocolate Jack Daniels Cupcakes recipe has an extra surprise inside that chocolate lovers will truly adore and appreciate. There is a ganache that goes in the middle of this chocolate cupcakes recipe. So in addition to a lovely frosting, there is also the richness of a ganache in the middle of a chocolate sweet treat.

This is an easy recipe that does have three separate parts to it. You can have your up and coming baker make some part of it that lies within the scope of his or her growing skill set, and you can make the other parts. Together, you can create the final cupcakes that will be really delightful for everyone to eat and enjoy. Little hands can help by eating up the middle of the cupcakes that gets removed in order to fill them with ganache. The first part of this cupcake recipe begins with the cupcake itself. There are some great ingredients that are part of this recipe. First, the recipe calls for dark cocoa, although the site, Bread Booze Bacon, does also suggest that you can use regular cocoa, choose the dark variety. The flavor of the dark variety is much better than ordinary cocoa, and today, the dark cocoa is readily available at your local grocery store. If you cannot find the dark cocoa there, try the local vegan or vegetarian store, where you will likely be able to track it down. As well, the cupcakes recipe calls for buttermilk. Buttermilk is a great addition, especially to chocolate based cakes, cookies and so on. That is because buttermilk helps to create a lovely and tender crumb, preserve moistness, and improve rise in baked goods. There is also oil that is used in this recipe instead of butter. Again, the oil is a great addition because it also improves the moistness of this chocolate rich cupcake recipe.

The second part of this recipe is the ganache. A ganache is easy to make, combining two ingredients, chocolate and cream. So your up and coming baker might be able to make this part by him or her self. This is the part that gets filled in to the middle of the cupcake recipe. The final part, or coup de grace, is the chocolate frosting that crowns both the ganache filling as well as the cupcakes themselves. Altogether, there are three layers of great chocolate tempered with whiskey to make a great tangy finish to the rich and delectable flavor of chocolate.

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