Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies

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Do you adore chocolate? Do you adore coffee? Do the two together make you want to swoon? Well, then we’ve got a dessert for you - Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies. And they come with a little disclaimer! We are not responsible for any of our readers’ budding brownie addictions. What happens after you read this article is strictly up to you.

Just look at these amazing brownies! So thick, so chocolaty, so creamy. Three layers of Heaven, right at your fingertips. The chewy brownie bottom, the creamy mocha buttercream frosting, and the dark chocolate drizzled on top. They are glorious to behold, and one bite is sure to send you into one long, blissful reverie.

This lovely, luscious recipe comes to us from Nicole over at the Wonky Wonderful blog, offering “approachable recipes” and “extraordinary food”. If this recipe for Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies is any indication, Nicole is on the right track! The brownies are totally to die for. Nicole is the proud mom of one sweet daughter and a pug dog. She has a passion for cooking and is completely self-taught! She really enjoys experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and testing them out on her family. She started publishing Wonky Wonderful in 2012 so she could start sharing her love of food with the world. We’re so glad she did! If she didn’t, we never would have found this amazing recipe.

Are you ready to get started? Okay, well one thing to remember, when you’re serving these gorgeous brownies to your family and friends? Don’t forget the coffee! These Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies would not be complete without the perfect creamy hot drink at their side.

Want the full recipe for these Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies? Then head on over to the “Wonky Wonderful” website by following the link in the description below!

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