Triple Chocolate Scones Supreme

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This triple chocolate scones supreme recipe will become a morning favorite once you make them for the first time for your family. Of course, since the scones recipe is quite similar to biscotti, they will also be demanded in the afternoon with late day coffee or tea. Finally, you might as well make them for the evening, too, since triple chocolate scones are a perfect midnight snack. In all, these triple chocolate scones supreme can likely fill the hunger cry at just about any time of the day (or night) so make a big batch and set them up on the kitchen counter where the kids can grab one when they feel the need for a quick pick me up.

There are multiple types of chocolate used to create these triple chocolate scones supreme. When the same flavor is introduced to a dish in different places like the cake portion as well as the icing, for instance, the flavors both complement and underscore each other, emphasizing the taste in every bite of the food that you have made. It is a good idea to keep in mind if you are making a new dish where you might want to emphasize a particular favorite taste. You can even use a different form of the ingredient, just as this particular Triple chocolate scones recipe does. Here, there is both cocoas as well as chopped hard chocolate used together. Also, coffee is suggested as the liquid to choose in the glaze for the scones. That is a great suggestion. Coffee is a wonderful complement to any chocolate dish. Some chocolate scones recipes even call for coffee right in the scone, cake, cookie or another main part of the dish. And it works wonderfully well, too.

This triple chocolate scones recipe is easy to make, especially with the terrific photos that are on the site as well as the easy to follow, step by step instructions. And the kids might be happy to help out, especially the parts where they get to add the chocolate chips in, or where they get to help spread the glaze or drizzle more good stuff on these scones. One of the photos from the site shows a person who is clearly quite polite, eating one of these triple chocolate scones supreme with a fork. You might, too, but I wonder if they are not just too good to not pick up and eat with your fingers (because then you get to lick the chocolate off your hands!). However you enjoy eating chocolate, or scones, or both, you will be satisfied with this triple chocolate scones supreme recipe from the site, Sally’s Baking Addiction. Keep note of this scones recipe!

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