Triple Chocolate Turtle Cookies

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Because we knew that single or double chocolate would never convince you to try this recipe, here are triple chocolate turtle cookies to sway you in to the kitchen, don your apron, and get cracking. To really sweeten the deal, these are turtle cookies, and we all know what that means. However, if these words don’t convince you to jump right in to making this recipe, definitely don’t look at the website. You will run all the way to the grocery store to pick up what you need, and have these cookies made up post-haste. They are visually beautiful, layered, with complementary and contrasting flavors of caramel and chocolate. There is everything to love about these cookies.

The recipe includes a surprising ingredient or two that bumps up the flavor experience tremendously. As well, because some of the ingredients are layered, their individual flavors are more pronounced. That allows them to come together in your mouth in even more wonderful and richer ways than ever.

This recipe includes pecans. They are a wonderful nut, sweet and tender, that complement chocolate rather than offering a contrasting flavor. The caramel also stays soft for at least a couple of days after baking them, so the cookies might get a bit drier but will still taste great. Of course, this cookie won’t last the afternoon. You may even have to hide them from yourself (or not). These cookies are really special, both in terms of their flavor and how pretty they are when made up. To be sure they look their best, practice your chocolate drizzle on wax paper a few times to get the right amount of chocolate on your spoon or fork (depending which you use to create drizzles). If you prefer to use a zip lock bag for the drizzling of the chocolate, that will work, too.

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