Tropical Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

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This is a recipe for a great fast carbohydrate shake in this Tropical Raspberry Coconut Smoothie. You will love that it provides you and your family with some super nutrition, while the kids will love it because it is cold, pretty in color, and fabulously rich and delicious. And they need never know that flax seed, coconut flakes, or even the pot pourri of fresh and frozen fruit is actually good for them. You can just smile and say, “Sure,” when they say, “can I have some more?”

Flax seeds are an important and terrific source of omega-3 fatty acids. As well, they are one of the best sources you could eat for polyphenols, one of the most important types of anti-oxidants. These polyphenol antioxidants are the same kind found in blueberries, but there are more in flax than even in the anti-oxidant rich blueberry. Flax seeds also provide good support for cardiovascular health, and also have a role in lowering insulin resistance. Flax seed may also play a role in decreasing belly fat, although this research is fairly new. Still, the World’s Healthiest Foods website recommends the intake of seeds such as flax along with other nuts in the amount of three tablespoons or 1.5 ounces each day for the many health benefits that seeds and nuts provides. So this smoothie provides a great way to give them flax seeds (you can also grind flax seeds and add them to any flour-based food you might be making).

This recipe blends a number of different fruits with coconut milk and flax seeds to create a power house of nutrition that tastes delicious. This drink will go down easily with any member of the household and you will be happy to give it to the kids (and drink it for your own good health, too!). Enjoy this drink soon.

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