Turn concrete blocks into Colorful Painted Patio Planters and with House numbers

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Add some life and colour to your front entrance way with these diy ideas from Home On The Corner. Pam shares a great way to add some personality your steps with these easy to make cinder block planters. Creating a welcoming entranceway or patio area for your home is a great idea, and one of the best ways to do this is to add plants. The only thing is, planters can be pretty expensive, and you don't always have the money to buy them right away. That's why cinder blocks are a great solution. They are affordable and easy to find, you may even be able to recycle some from around your property or find some at garage sales or online buy and sell groups in your area. These cinder blocks are perfect for planters because they are already containers with one or two compartments in them. All you have to do is fill them with dirt and paint them if you like. Pam paints hers with a blue spray paint bringing some more colour to her entranceway, but you could even leave them plain for a more minimalistic look.

If you want to spray paint your cinder blocks, you can use stencils to paint pictures on them, or you can also use number or letter stencils to paint your house address on them. Make sure to do all of the sprayings outside or in a well-ventilated area and allow them to dry out completely before planting in them. Once they are all dry, you can start to plant your plants in them. Choose plants that aren't very picky about where they are planted. Succulents and cactuses would be great for these diy planters because they are able to grow pretty much anywhere you plant them. You could also try some different flowers like marigolds or petunias if you like. Once you have your plants and dirt ready you can then put the dirt into the cinder blocks. You may want to put some gardening fabric at the bottom of your cinder block so that the dirt will stay in, or, just make sure that you place the block where you want to keep it, so the dirt doesn't fall out the bottom. Then put your plants in the dirt and give them a bit of water to start them out.

This is just one of the fun diy projects that Pam shares on her website Home On The Corner. She shows us that we don't have to spend a lot of money on planters, just make some of your own. You can also find some great diy ideas for making wooden planter boxes out of pallet wood. Or, you could even make gardening boxes out of wooden fruit boxes or wooden crates which wouldn't require any assembly. You can pretty much make any container or vessel into a planter. Succulents look so cute in old vintage teapots and cups, or you could use old copper pots and metal bowls to create planters. It's just a good idea to drill some holes in the bottom of the container before you plant anything in it so your plant will have proper drainage which prevents rotten roots. You can also put some gravel or small stones at the bottom of glass or porcelain containers to allow some drainage and aeration. These diy ideas are affordable and easy, but they also give us some great ways to recycle old items that may otherwise be thrown into the garbage and end up in the landfill. Check out this and more diy ideas from Home On The Corner.***

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