Turtle Cheesecake Triffle

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These three little words conjure up visions that can make you drool, and likely will, when you create this spectacular turtle cheesecake triffle for your family tonight. The layers of caramel, chocolate, cheesecake and pound cake make this cake as pretty to look at, as it is to eat.

Trifle comes from a British dessert of the same name. Traditionally trifle was made from left over scraps of cake or even cookies soaked in sherry, covered with layers of fruit and home made custard, then topped with whipped cream. It was also known as Tipsy cake, possibly because of the effects of all the liquor that went in to making it.

This version combines some contemporary flavor favorites of chocolate, caramel and cheesecake. The cheesecake is the non-bake variety made by blending cream cheese with sugar and ready-made whipped cream. It is then layered with the cake and other ingredients, chilled and served.

Pecans are also part of this dessert. Dont substitute other nuts for the pecans in order to get a really authentic chocolate turtle taste. Pecans are a slightly sweet nut and softer to bite and chew than other nuts. Their flavor is a bit subtle and beautifully underscores the other ingredients in this dessert.

Make this cake in a glass dish. The layered ingredients are very pretty and putting the whole thing in to a glass serving dish makes it a spectacular tour de force to delight family and make you the envy of your friends. No glass serving dish? Well, time to put it on the wish list. Every kitchen baker deserves a beautiful serving dish and if you let your family know that a pretty dish just calls out for something delicious to be served on it, you can bet one will show up in your kitchen pretty quickly.

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