Turtle Cheesecake Truffles

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Everyone loves Turtles when it comes to be Christmas time, they are always the first chocolates to go it seems! Try out these Turtle Cheesecake Truffles as a nice little dessert that takes the original Turtle treat that everyone loves, to a whole new level! There are Turtle cheesecakes that are made, but these ones are the perfect little bite sizes that you can just pop in your mouth and enjoy, much like the original Turtle chocolates, except these ones have a nice layer of cream cheese in them to make them more like a mini cheese cake bite, which would be so yummy!

Its so fun to be able to try just a little bite of a dessert, in this way, rather than having a full piece of cheese cake sometimes, especially if you want to try other desserts that are at a party or something. They are also great if you are prone to overindulging like the author, Jaden, over at Steamy Kitchen admits she is. She says she always just makes her desserts like this to avoid overindulging, kind of a smart idea! And usually you don't really want much more than a few bites and thats usually all it takes to curb a sweet tooth craving, well in my case anyway.

I love the idea of these Turtle cheesecake bites for bringing to a party or a gathering. They are super easy and pretty quick to make, and just put them on a plate, and watch them disappear! Everyone is guaranteed to love these, especially people who love Turtles candies! I for one am a fan of Turtles chocolates and they always went so fast at Christmas when they got put out, so I know they would be a hit around my family! How about yours? Try them out! Head over to 'Steamy Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for more!

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