Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

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Turtle Rice Krispie Treats will bring a snap! Crackle! Pop! to your table. Rice Krispie treats have been around for a very long time. They were invented in about 1939 for a bake sale for a girls club, and they have remained very popular ever since. This recipe begins with the basic rice krispie treat and then bumps it up a notch with caramel, nuts and other ingredients.

This is an easy way to serve this treat and also to add a bit of change to it. Kids will love it, especially if you make and cut it the way the website blogger shows. They are tidy little bites just the right size for little hands to hold and eat easily. Sometimes the simplest treats are the best ones and these treats have been popular for a very long time. They can be served plain or have things added to them, as in this recipe. Although some recipes suggest alternatives such as margarine (and the original recipe was apparently made using margarine) butter adds a lot of flavor and smoothness to this treat.

This is a sweet treat, and there is no way around that. Offer them on occasion when everyone needs a sweet pick me up. We all need something fun and delicious from time to time. This variation on the original will delight with the crisp and crunch of the base, and the chewy and nutty flavor of the topping. It is very easy to make, and little helping hands can help you out. It is a great treat for late night movies or fun times when the family is together. Put it on your baking list, and make it up soon!

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