Tuscan Roasted Potatoes

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Be sure to use fresh herbs to create this lovely dish of Tuscan Roasted Potatoes. The recipe’s creator and blogger says that her husband, Jack, fell in love with this way to prepare potatoes when they were in Tuscany, and wanted to share it with everyone here in North America. This method of preparation is popular in Italy and Greece and when you go to Greek restaurants, especially, be sure to try this rendition. They are fabulous. Or, of course, you could make your own at home! You could use dried herbs for this recipe, but the real flavor of the dish is dramatically improved when you use fresh. Today, since almost every herb is available fresh from your grocery store, it is easy to find things like sage and rosemary pretty easily. Once you use the amount you need in this recipe (and be generous) freeze the rest. It will keep forever. Add whole sage to this recipe when you bake it. It will bake up light and crisp and you can eat it whole. It is a flavor to die for. And, whole sage makes these potatoes look positively exotic.

This recipe is easy to put together, cooks quickly, and tastes fabulous beyond comparison. It can stand up to a robust roast of beef or pork, serves wonderfully well with chicken, and of course, works with any tomato based recipe you might be planning. And not to forget, perhaps the most delicious way to serve these potatoes is with a rack of lamb. That flavor combination is truly unbeatable.

Try these potatoes soon. You may find yourself making extra so you can put some aside for lunch the next day. Serve them with a mixed dark greens side salad made with olive oil and white wine vinegar.

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