Tuscan White Bean Soup With Ham

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There are so many different soup recipe ideas and usually the best soup is the one that you crave the exact specific day and time you want it. With all the choices the easy soup ideas are usually the most frequent ones made. This offering from Angie can be classified in the easy soup ideas folder and possibly the best soup recipe folder as well. Soup recipe ideas vary and if you travel around the world you may find a recipe that includes beans, like this one, and if you consider all the different ingredients, spices and cooking methods for all of them you will quickly realize that you are overwhelmed with the choices. Any recipes whether it is a soup, baking or dessert variety all have one thing in common. You can always sculpt any recipe into one that is all yours by simply adding a dash of this of taking a way a pinch of that. Yes it is that easy to take even your favorite recipe and make a minor adjustment to suit your health concern or your palate.

Some believe that no other province has had more impact on Italian and European culture and food than the Tuscany region. With its wine inspired villages, art laden cities, rows of olive groves along with truffle fields, as well as modern-fashion powerhouses (Gucci and others), Tuscany epitomizes la vera, the real, Italy. This central region’s most relevant role will always be as birthplace to the Renaissance and artists like Michelangelo, whose presence has been perpetuated over the ages by the Botticelli masterpieces and the earthen-toned towers, beautiful villas and palaces commanding the region’s storied towns. The deep history of Tuscan cuisine has ancient origins, dating back to the Etruscan people and weaving through the centuries to the present day. Its most important time period was definitely the Renaissance, where numerous chefs working at the noble courts were expected to prepare very elaborate and truly epicurean dishes, which have subsequently influenced many other European cuisine all across Europe and beyond, especially their neighbor France. Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans), fruits, vegetables, wine and olive oil were indeed already cultivated and ingrained in the many recipes, and sheep, goats, pigs and cattle were being raised both for their milk and their meat. Their food and the many varieties of the way they were cooked have inspired many recipes and continue to do that to this very day.

This Tuscan soup recipe from Angie is part of the long chain of food inspired by many generations of Tuscan influence on our recipe and dish ideas. You might not have ever visited the region known as the heart of Italian culture but if you close your eyes while taking a spoonful of this wonderful soup you might feel like a resident in your heart and stomach. Thanks to Angie of Big Bears Wife Blog for this yummy Tuscan White Bean Soup With Ham recipe that gives all of us a taste of Italy. Bon Apetit. **

Nutrition Facts of the Tuscan White Bean Soup With Ham Recipe from Big Bears Wife Food Blog
Ingredients: Olive oil, onion powder, garlic cloves, ham, Cannellini white beans, chicken broth, fresh rosemary, spinach, pepper, salt.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 10 servings *Per Servings: Calories 182, Calories from Fat 46, Total Fat 5.1g 8%, Saturated Fat 1.2g 6%, Cholesterol 11mg 4%, Sodium 892mg 37%, Potassium 186mg 5%, Carbohydrates 21.4g 7%, Dietary Fiber 6.3g 25%, Sugars 2.5g, Protein 13.1g, Vitamin A 11%, Vitamin C 5%, Calcium 8%, Iron 13%

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