Twice Baked Ranch Potatoes

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Just the name of this recipe lets you know that these Twice Baked Ranch Potatoes will be rich and full of creaminess. And that is just what you get. Potatoes are such a wonderful, yet humble, vegetable. We often take it for granted that they will be the work horse of our meals, providing the back bone for every thing else that we serve. Imagine roast beef without roasted potatoes, or a steak without a baked next to it, or roast chicken without mashed or smashed potatoes, or just French fries? The potato can be prepared in so many diverse and interesting ways that you could eat them each day without ever tiring of their flavor. Here, the twice baked potato is full of cheese, a flavor that complements potato perfectly.

Twice baked potatoes are just what the name implies. The potatoes are cooked, usually baked, and then cooled enough to handle. Once cooled enough, the flesh is removed without destroying the skin and shape of the potato, and tossed in to a bowl. Then, you are limited only by your imagination—well, and how much stuffing the potatoes can hold! Still, the options are endless. Popular mixtures include cheese (of course) and sometimes many types of cheeses, plenty of veggies, including tomatoes, onions, garlic and others, or even meats such as bacon and sausage. So there are plenty of combinations that are terrific in potatoes.

Try these twice baked potatoes and think about what else your family might enjoy as part of this recipe. You can always sneak other veggies in to bump up the nutrition, such as spinach, zucchini, or even sweet potato. Try these twice baked potatoes soon, and see how easy and delicious they can be. Enjoy them soon.

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