Twix Caramel Fudge

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This Twix Caramel Fudge recipe is just so easy it is almost too bad that the stove top work is too dangerous for little hands to really help you out with making this fudge recipe. Because that is about all the work there is to this Twix caramel fudge recipe. Just blend a few commercially prepared ingredients, heat them up, and then chop the Twix up in to the whole thing, and mix it all up well. Chill the fudge and then serve it up. This Twix caramel fudge recipe can likely be made in less than five minutes time (tops) and then left for a few hours so that it gets cool enough to serve to everyone (who will be waiting with their plates or napkins in hand). But make sure the pieces are small enough; this fudge recipe is very sweet with the double whammy of caramel fudge blended with chocolate Twix bars.

Fudge was first invented just after the turn of the last century when an aspiring young baker accidentally cooked the caramel he (and it would have been a ‘he’ at the time and in that era) had been preparing too much. The result? Well, fudge. And so the caramel was saved in the end, and fudge was born. Today, there are many different kinds of caramel fudge recipes including this one made with Twix chocolate bars. Of course, the more that you add in to the fudge recipe the more fat and calories get added in too, and the sweeter the resulting fudge gets. The kids will love the sweetness factor, but older folks might prefer a fudge that is broken up with nuts and fewer sweet additions. And there are plenty of recipes like that online as well, so if you want something a bit less sweet, there are plenty of options available to you, to make.

This particular fudge recipe blends a caramel based fudge recipe with chopped Twix chocolate bars. The blend of caramel and chocolate is great, and the Twix also contains some nuts that provide a light and tender crunch to this fudge recipe. It is a very sweet combination, though, and so some people (namely the kids) will enjoy this fudge more than some others (older adults) who might prefer something with a bit of complementary and contrasting flavors in the fudge.

Make this fudge whenever you want to give the kids a treat, and you have plenty of kids over for a play date or other special occasion. You can always send them home with a treat bag, too, if you do not want to overload them with too many sweets while they are playing at your house!

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