Twix Cheesecake

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Two great words that go together flawlessly are Twix as in the chocolate bar and cheesecake as in the cake that is loved by so many. Danielle, a first grade teacher and baker, brings us this Twix Cheesecake recipe from Hugs and Cookies xoxo. Cheesecake is usually always looked upon as a calorie explosion but made with more healthy conscious ingredients you won’t feel as guilty enjoying this mouth watering creation and you can keep the calories down to a more acceptable level. You still might have to walk an extra mile but this great infusion of chocolate and cream cheese will hopefully make it worth it.

Cheesecake has been around as long as the Greek empire and the first ever attested version was put together by a physician no less. Your doctor probably won’t put cheesecake recipes high on their list for you to lose weight or to keep your arteries clear but with a bit of substituting here and there you can make it heart and calorie friendlier. Canadian and American modern cheesecakes use soft cream cheese while ricotta is the go to cheese in Italy while Germany, Poland and the Netherlands use quark. Quark is akin to cottage cheese and makes a more calorie friendly substitute for cream cheese in this recipe.

Cheesecake can be quite daunting in the preparation because it is made in up of four to five separate processes until you can finally marry them all together and get the most of your cheesecake recipe. Making the base that is usually made from graham crackers is one step. The cheesecake filling is another step which unfortunately holds the best but also most calorie rich and artery unfriendly ingredients. The topping part of the recipe is not as time consuming and can also be made healthier with easy substitutions. The final step of putting everything together is the most precise step since any mistakes at this point can ruin all the work you did before. Don’t be intimidated because Danielle will be with you right through the process and your Twix Cheesecake recipe will hopefully be excellent.

This cheesecake recipe is unique since it makes you feel like you are eating a chocolate bar while enjoying the gooey goodness of cream cheese and caramel. The heavy cream can always be substituted with a lighter cream and the cream cheese can be a lighter version as well. The sweet chocolate can be substituted with dark chocolate that cuts down on the sugar count. If you take the time to cut some calories and fat out this wonderfully decadent Twix Cheesecake recipe will have your guests asking for seconds and not be too guilty in the process. Bon apetit.

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