Twix Cookie Cups

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So make this Twix Cookie Cups recipe when you have a few minutes. There is really nothing to make in this Twix Cookie Cups recipe; the Twix recipe is more of an assembly of pre-purchased and commercially prepared ingredients than any sort of baking. So you could just let the kids have at it in the kitchen for the day. Depending on how old the kids are, and perhaps just how experienced they are in the kitchen, you might have to shape and bake the pre-made cookie dough that holds the rest of this Twix cookie cups recipe. Once that is done, the assembly can begin. Be sure to buy enough of all of the various ingredients that go in to this sweet cookie cup recipe because the kids will surely eat a lot of them as they go along.

This is a very sweet treat, and one that will appeal to little kids of all ages. It is loaded with sugar and is an easy assembly for your up and coming, young baker. So let him or her put together the pre-made ingredients to make this Twix cookie cups recipe. This Twix cookie cups recipe might offer a good opportunity for the up and coming baker to learn how to use the microwave to heat things up that you buy in a bottle. In this recipe, the caramel that is purchased is heated up by using the microwave in spurts, then shaking the caramel to distribute the warmed sauce, and heating again, until the caramel is warm enough to actually pour in to the cookie cups. This process can help young bakers learn how powerful the microwave is and also just how quickly something that you are putting in to the microwave can burn or heat up too much.

Mars is the company that makes the Twix chocolate bar. Usually you get two small bars in one package, although you can still buy a single bar if you want. The Twix chocolate bar is made up from a cookie type biscuit that is then covered in milk chocolate and caramel; thus, the recipe on this site. This chocolate bar is about fifty years old; it has been around for a long time and remains a popular choice with a lot of people. It was first made in the United Kingdom, and later came to the United States and North America. It is a chocolate bar that you can now buy pretty much everywhere around the world, so if you are a Twix chocolate bar fan do not worry about traveling; you will be able to find your favorite chocolate bar just about anywhere that you go. Enjoy it soon!

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