Twix Thumbprint Cookies

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You are going to love these Twix Thumbprint Cookies, especially if you love Twix chocolate bars! These little gems were created by Alyssa from The Recipe Critic. She was in her kitchen, making sea salt caramel thumbprint cookies one day, when she discovered that what she was making Twix cookies! When she took her first bite of one of the finished cookies she was amazed at how great they tasted, but was even more amazing by how much they tasted like Twix chocolate bars! But only one thing was missing... you guessed it.. the chocolate. So she whipped up some chocolate sauce and drizzled it on top and voila! Twix Thumbprint Cookies!

These are not only super cute looking and tasty, they are very easy to make... and even easier to eat! Which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. The layers are such simple recipes to make, the cookie layer is just a simple shortbread recipe that you press a thumbprint into or use the end of a wooden spoon to press an indentation into, before you bake them. This creates the indentation, the nice little pool for all of the caramel to rest in. And then the chocolate layer is just chocolate chips melted to make a sauce and then drizzled on top!

Very simple to make indeed, and you will be so impressed with how much they taste like the real deal, like Twix chocolate bars! Twix chocolate bars were first introduced to America in 1979 from Britain where they were first created in 1967. The chocolate bars have become very popular in the United States and in Canada, and there are even other special flavours like cinnamon, or fudge, or triple chocolate and even peanut butter flavoured Twix bars! And now these awesome cookies! Try them out! Head over to 'The Recipe Critic' by following the link in the section below for more!

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