Two Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake

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Is it possible to go wrong with two ingredients? Well, try this Two Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake, and see how things turn out. This recipe is almost impossibly easy, and so let your kids put it together. You just manage the mixer and what happens in the oven. This easy recipe is a great way to start teaching your kids to bake (so they can make the holiday cookies!). Angel food cake is a lovely cake and every body loves its spongy and light character.

Angel food cake, when made from scratch, is somewhat denser than a commercially made cake or one from a box. That is just because of the industrial ingredients that get added in to those cakes. But you should have no fear of making an angel food cake from scratch. What you lose, slightly, from a more dense cake, you more than get back in terms of fabulous flavor and control over the ingredients. A homemade cake really depends on your ability to blend egg whites enough, but not too much. The whites have to be stiff enough to carry the small amount of sugar and flour that are added, but not over whipped so they do not rise while in the oven. No matter how stiff the egg whites are called for, they have to have capacity to continue to rise in the oven. One way to help is, once a homemade cake (or even a commercial mix) is removed from the oven, turn the cake upside down until it is fully cool. That will encourage the cake to remain high and light.

Angel food cake is fabulous. Here it is served with pineapple, but it can go with almost any fruit or topping combination that you and your family enjoys. Try this recipe soon—and let the kids help out. As always, it makes the entire process more fun and family friendly. Enjoy!

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