Ukrainian Perogies

Photo Credit: Grandmother's Kitchen

The quintessential meal of our family. Always requested to whomever was in charge of the kitchen and always gratefully and joyfully consumed by the rest of us. If you can relate, then read on and learn all about the art of perogy making from my family to yours.

Growing up, my Grandmother did not call them perogies. She called them 'Padahay' [pronounced - pedaheh]. The making of padahay for 10 + mouths is a measure of patience and endurance. The greatest way to make perogies is with a team of hands which are required for pinching the dumplings filled with mashed potatoes and cheese together gently and with precision.

Some tips for perogy pinching:

1. Have a bowl of flour nearby for sticky fingers and work surface.

2. Make sure all your filling is cooled before filling.

3. Use a small teaspoon to scoop your balls of potatoes and then roll them in your hands to make balls.

4. Don't be tempted to overfill them, or you will be regret it when you start pinching them together.

5. Pinch them well! If you leave things too loose they will break apart in the pot of water and make a mess.

6. You can pinch them into triangles or rectangles, they both taste delicious!

7. Place filled perogies onto a flour surface while you pinch the rest.

Happy perogy pinching! Check out the recipe link below to 'Grandmother's Kitchen'.

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