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Who doesn't love a yummy cookie recipe? Especially a really good chocolate chip cookie recipe made from scratch. Not all chocolate chip cookie recipes are created the same. There are actually many variations of chocolate chip cookie recipes, so it's hard to say which one makes the best chocolate chip cookie. Julie from Lovely Little Kitchen did her research to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe to add to her yummy cookie recipes on her website. She went online and collected all of the best tips and tricks for making the best chocolate chip cookies and put them all to the test to make the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. What she ended up with is this recipe that makes delicious bakery-style chocolate chip cookies that are as big as your hand. If you love chocolate chip cookies, you might find it interesting to learn about where they came from. As it turns out, it's a recipe that's not really all that old. Ruth Graves Wakefield, an American chef and part owner of the Toll House Inn, in Whitman, Massachusetts, created the famous recipe in 1938. The Toll House Inn was known for its homemade meals and yummy desserts including cookies.

It's said that Ruth wanted to try a different recipe out on the guests at the hotel, so she took a Hershey's chocolate bar and chopped it up into pieces to add to her favourite cookie dough recipe. Since there's a coating on the Hershey's chocolate bar that prevents it from melting in our hands, the chocolate pieces remained intact while they baked in the cookie dough. So there were chocolate pieces that were nice and melted on the inside throughout the cookies giving them a nice hint of chocolate flavour. It turned out that the guests loved the cookies and soon after, the recipe was published in magazines and eventually it would also be made into a ready-made chocolate chip cookie dough called Toll House cookie dough. So now we can just buy the dough pre-made and scoop it out onto our baking sheets and have cookies in minutes. But if you'd like to keep things classic, and make your cookies from scratch, some of the best tips Julie found are to brown the butter which brings out a richer flavour in the cookies. To brown butter, you need to make sure that you watch it carefully, so it doesn't burn. Basically, you put some butter in a saucepan over medium heat and move it around in the pan often so that it won't burn. When you see that it starts to get darker and has almost a nutty aroma, it's finished, and you want to get it out of the pan right away. Then you refrigerate it until you use it in your cookie recipe.

Another great tip for yummy cookie recipes is to dark brown sugar which has more molasses in it giving the cookies a richer flavour too. Believe it or not, cream cheese is a great addition to the cookie recipes because it makes them softer, and don't worry, you won't taste it either. Apparently, adding an extra egg yolk also serves as a good way to make the cookies moist, and cornstarch helps keep them chewier for longer. Don't worry though, Julie has created the perfect recipe for us to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever. This recipe makes around 18 big cookies, or you can make smaller ones if you like just be sure to watch them as the bake, so they don't burn since they probably won't need as much time as the larger ones. For the full recipe make sure you go on over to her website.***

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