Ultimate Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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Nothing goes together better than melted cheese, rosemary, and caramelized onions, so it only makes sense that they are stuffed into this heavenly grilled cheese recipe. While this sandwich takes a little more effort than the average grilled cheese, the time will be worth it. The process of making this sandwich recipe is caramelizing the onions in addition to the usual toasting of the bread and melting of the cheese. Amanda, the author of The Chunky Chef recipe blog, developed this dish using her favorite cheeses, gruyere, white cheddar and muenster cheese. Each of these is perfect melting cheeses with defining flavors. Depending on the age, gruyere can be subtle and nutty or earthy. The white cheddar has more tanginess to it, while the Muenster is incredibly soft and creamy. This sandwich recipe would be delicious with just one cheese, but this is a gourmet grill cheese after all. This elevated grilled cheese deserves all three.

Gourmet grilled cheese sandwich recipes are gourmet for a reason; they are loaded with incredible cheese and seasonings and use good quality bread. What makes this one of the best sandwich recipes is the addition of caramelized onions because they add texture and sweetness. Caramelizing onions is a lengthy process where thinly sliced onions are cooked slowly in butter until sweet and golden. This process usually takes a half hour or more to do properly, but Amanda’s fast version takes only ten minutes. The onions add a contrasting sweetness to the cheeses and crispy bread, but Amanda also adds fresh, earthy thyme leaves, which is a match made in heaven to caramelized onions and cheese. If you don’t have fresh thyme leaves on hand, though, this is one case where the dried version is almost as good. Just substitute the fresh thyme with half the amount of dried for the most extraordinary caramelized onion recipe ever.

Good sandwiches require more than just the perfect toppings; they need the perfect bread, too. Amanda recommends using an artisanal style bread, which will cook up nice and crisp when cooked. Since these bread varieties have much less sugar in them than store-bought white loaves, they also won’t brown as quickly which will allow for ample time for the cheese to melt. French bread or sourdough would be excellent choices for this grilled cheese sandwich recipe, because they are usually made with simple ingredients, like flour, salt, yeast and water, and because their lengthy fermentation time gives them great flavor.

Next time you require something amazing for lunch, try this great grilled cheese recipe. The remarkable combination of cheeses, onions, and artisanal bread will make this an incredibly satisfying lunch option that will hold you throughout the day. If you would like to make it a little healthier, consider stuffing the sandwich with some sautéed mushrooms or fresh baby spinach or arugula leaves. The extra veggies will only make this cheese sandwich recipe more delicious. Thank you to Amanda, author of The Chunky Chef recipe blog, for sharing her ultimate gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with us.

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