Ultimate Marble Cupcakes

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Chocolate and vanilla blends were once very popular, but then seemed to disappear for awhile, as flavors tend to do. Perhaps they will begin to come back with this recipe for Ultimate Marble Cupcakes. They are a pretty mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavors, created by separating the single batter that you use to make the cupcakes. This is a very easy and fun dish, and one that you can easily make with the kids.

When you separate out the batter, add the cocoa and let the kids stir it in. Then let them mix the chocolate and vanilla as they might like. They can even make some pure chocolate and others pure vanilla, as long as the batter holds out. And why not? This recipe is really just meant for fun any way. It is entirely home made so you know you will have a really great product. You can eat these cupcakes either warm or cooled. There is also a frosting recipe that is included that is part chocolate and part vanilla. One fun thing to do is to put alternating scoops of the chocolate and the vanilla frosting in to a piping bag (or just a plain plastic zip lock) and the pipe the blended mixture on to the cupcake. You will get fun and mixed swirls of both the chocolate and vanilla.

These are just a plain and simple, fun cupcake that uses alternating flavors of chocolate and vanilla. So every one will enjoy the taste. If you serve them warm, put them on a plate with a scoop of ice cream. Why not? A fun dessert deserves a little decadence. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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