Unclutter Your Life - Best Tips for 2018

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Going into a new year usually brings on the feeling of wanting to release the old and welcome in the new. Which is why many people choose this as a time to declutter their homes and their lives or make the commitment to declutter their homes more throughout the year. The truth is, decluttering can happen at any time of year, and at any point in your life. Sometimes the urge just hits you to want to get rid of all the stuff you've been hanging onto, and you just have to do it. Other times you'll plan it out and give yourself deadlines, so you don't put it off. So if this year you'd like to do some more decluttering and organizing in your home, it's great to look to the internet for some diy ideas and simple life hacks to make the entire process much easier. Organizing and decluttering can be a lot of work, so it's always a good thing to pace yourself and make sure that you're not taking on too much at once. Make a list of the areas you'd like to declutter and then break those down into smaller jobs and decide if you need to get some containers to make organizing easier.

Angela Brown from Ask A House Cleaner shares some of her best diy ideas and simple life hacks for decluttering and organizing your home. These diy tips come in so handy to read before you do any decluttering work in your home. Not only will it get you prepared, but it will also inspire you and get you in the right head space for this work. Choose one area to focus on. So if your bathroom has been feeling particularly disorganized and full of clutter, then focus there first. Get rid of the products you don't use and never have used before and throw away anything that's gone past it's expiry date if it has one. Most cosmetics are only really good for a few years, so if you've had something for 5 years and you never use it, it's probably time to give it up or throw it away. The same goes for your closet. In the simple life hacks from Ask, A House Cleaner Angela mentions that most of us have about 5 pairs of shoes we wear on a regular basis and that the others are just collecting dust. Just like your bathroom products, get rid of any shoes you no longer wear, and if they are in good enough condition, bring them into charity.

Sentimental clutter also needs to be sorted through. Many people keep all of their kids old school work from when they were in elementary school. While it might be nice to hang onto a select few pieces of artwork or writing, you definitely don't need to keep it all. Choose the items you'd like to keep and put them into a small file folder that's easy to store away and doesn't take up very much space. You can get accordion file folders at any office supply store, and these are great for storing away personal papers like this. Angela also recommends taking photos of the items you have a sentimental value in and throw away the originals that are just taking up valuable space in your home. This way you still have a copy, and your home has less clutter. She has so many awesome ideas over on the Ask A House Cleaner website so make sure you go over and read through them all to decrease clutter in your home with some simple life hacks and genius diy ideas.***

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