Underground Survival Shelter

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An underground survival shelter may provide you and your family with a safe and secure place to live when or if a disaster strikes. These shelters are constructed with heavy-duty corrugated pipe and laser cut materials so they are solidly built to last. They come with an interior blast door and escape tunnel. Models also have two exits. They can be placed up to 42 feet underground, and a minimum depth of 10 feet is recommended for construction. They can include toilets, baths and showers, electricity for fridges and microwaves as well as lighting, sleeping areas and other accommodation within a secure structure. You can purchase ready-made buildings or have one custom built to suit your needs.

Amenities for the structure can become quite elaborate including exercise bicycles and even television sets. There is a survival-training program at a survival camp, the buildings can be inspected before purchase, and options are broad and varied regarding size, add-ons, or even flooring. Few details have been overlooked in this extensive collection of survival buildings.

The round design is an engineering decision based on the significantly greater strength of a round design over a square or rectangular construction. Estimates are that the round design is up to 11 times stronger than other design shapes. The lifespan of the building is estimated at 200 years, and the pipes do not contain metal rebar (they contain basalt rebar) and so they cannot be detected from the air by drones.

These and many other components and options can be found on the website to help you design your survival shelter. The website itself offers extensive photos of shelters that have been built and designed as well as materials on potential holocausts such as nuclear bombs. The free materials can be downloaded and will provide information on how to prepare for an attack that is imminent and other pertinent details on the subject.

The company has been building survival shelters since 1981, and has been seen on multiple television shows and other broadcasts.

Find out how to make this Atlas Survival Shelter at the website, Atlas Survival Shelter, by following the link below.

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