Unshrink Your Clothes With This Surprising Trick

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How many times have you shrunk your favorite t-shirt? Or your kid’s (far worse)? Or had to replace something like your couch cushion covers because you thought they might be washable? Once I went away and had someone in my home to watch over it, do the laundry and so on. She shrank everything—including the kinds. Even my shoes were tighter when I got home, I am sure of it. What a disaster, and it always happens to your favorite stuff, doesn’t it? It can sometimes be confusing why clothes and other things shrink in the first place. How can you take something that is a size 12 going in to the wash and remove it as a size 2? Where did it go?

There are lots of factors that cause material to shrink (or stretch, for that matter). Just look at any of your favorite clothes, and look closely. The weave is likely quite different from item to item. A very loose weave, especially in a natural fabric that responds to water, may well shrink quite a bit. An engineered item, tightly woven, and more impervious to water, may not shrink much, or even at all. It depends on the fabric, the weave, how it has been put together, whether it is pre-washed and pre-shrunk and lots of other issues. A particular type of slipper, usually hand made, gets its distinctive character by being deliberately shrunk. If you are a knitter, this is a fun slipper to make because when you are finished with an ordinary slipper it looks like it would fit a monster. Then you pop it in the wash and 20 minutes later, a normal sized, much denser (and very stunning) slipper comes out the other side. This same kind of process is true for almost every fabric.

The best way to avoid shrinking or stretching garments is to read and follow label directions. But if you mess up, check out this website for help.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Foos for Life, by following the link below.

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